How do I export an ase image onto twitter?

I have a folder all dedicated to pixel art so whenever I finish it I place all my pixel art into my folder. Each one has a dedicated section whether it is .png or .ase. Anyways I got my pixel art finished and I upload the image as a .ase because it is the only one that supports layers and I tried exporting it for twitter and it just doesn’t work. I click the image icon on twitter to upload it and go into my pixel art folder and there is nothing. There isn’t anything with .ase it’s all nothing and when I check the .ase folder in my desktop and not through twitter it shows. Does anyone have a solution to this? I don’t want to compress it to be a low quality image. Please help.
Edit: I tried changing twitter from showing the only custom images to all image files. When I click my aseprite file it says “Please choose 1 gif or 4 photos.” So I found a way to make twitter show the images in file explorer but it just shows an error when I try uploading it. I clicked the button where it said “export for twitter” didn’t work.

.ase/.aseprite are more like project files. That’s where you store the thing you are working on because, as you said, it contains layers. You then use file > export to save it as .png if you want to upload it anywhere. You can’t upload .aseprite files as an image file.

.png’s are lossless so there is no quality loss, it just doesn’t contain layers which is irrelevant for posting it anywhere.

Hi, when I tried uploading it as a .png file it always told me it wouldn’t save layers. I tried continuing and when I placed it onto twitter all the layers were there. I guess it was just a misleading pop-up. Thank you.

What that message meant is that all the layers would be merged into one flat image, meaning you can’t edit the layers separately anymore, because PNGs don’t support layers.

Also, the “Export for Twitter” button is for animations I believe, it changes the exported gif so that Twitter’s gif -> video conversion doesn’t mess it up as much.

Oh I guess it should more specific. Thanks for explaining that. I’ll only use that if I ever make gif animations.