How do i export and import in the release 1.3

this has been said before, im just restating, but how the hell should i export, and import a tileset, we have the export option but idk what i should set the output to

and import tileset straight up doesnt exist

has the 1.3 version been shipped WITHOUT working import??? im genienely confused



At the moment there is no explicit import, but you can just convert any tileset/tilemap from a regular image with Layer > Convert To > Tilemap and the tileset will be generated automatically from the layer.

Anyway there are still work to be done for 1) import a tileset “as is” (same indexes in order), 2) import a tileset with a similar interface a File > Import > Import Sprite Sheet, and 3) import/use/link external files (create a linked tileset from an external file, if the external file changes, the tileset changes automatically).

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thx for the clarification dacap