How do i export seperate letters from a grid?

^^ I’m trying to export each letter from this grid but i don’t know how

can someone tell me how to do this?

hi, SwordSoftTV! import image as a sprite sheet and then export as sequence.

Olga_Galvanonva’s method is the fastest and easiest for a sheet like this, where everything is the same size and on a grid, which means Aseprite can import it as a spritesheet.

For situations where the sprites to be exported aren’t on a grid or aren’t all the same size, Aseprite offers Slices. You can create them with the Slice tool, and then export them as separate files. Since Slices can be named, you also have fine control over the names of the resulting files (e.g. you could do A.png, B.png, etc if you wanted to). The downside is that Aseprite does not, as far as I know, provide a slice export option in the GUI yet, it has to be done via CLI, using the split-slices option.

oh wow it actually worked, thanks so much! :grinning:

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