How do I find out the number of Pixels are used for a file? Or the amount of space used?

I’m not sure if some of the files I got are 16x16 or 32x32 or 64x64, I forgot what I saved them under

To check the pixel dimensions, you can open the file in Aseprite and check the image size in Sprite > Sprite Size.

If by “space used” you mean the file size, you can do that in your OS the same as for any other file.

Thanks, now I’ll see what I can do to judge distances and lengths and such, mostly because the weapons I plan to make are of different sizes and lengths and have blades smaller than other weapons’ handles

While Aseprite doesn’t have a dedicated ruler tool, you can measure and get a good sense of size and length with the rectangular selection tool or the line tool, both of them show their bounding box (width x height) and their diagonal length in the status bar while you’re making your selection/line (the information goes away as soon as you commit your selection/line though).

Thanks again, I’ll look them both up