How do I get a radial gradient centred in a circle?

This should be easy, I just don’t know the magic combination of clicking and button pushing?

I have a circle:

I want a radial gradient, filling the circle and concentric with it.

If I mask out the circle, then the mouse clicks only register in the circle, so I end up with a gradient that’s smaller than the circle, and not centered:

If I remove the mask, then I get the whole sprite filled with the gradient:

Hi there @David_Banks! Did you try using the Space bar to move the center? (while you have the mouse pressed, you can use the space bar to displace the center). I imagine that you are using the Ctrl key modifier to draw a circle (instead of a ellipse) too, could you try to make the gradient circle a little bigger to fill the whole selected area?

I’ll give it a go and report back. Cheers @dacap

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Had a go at what you suggested @dacap. The moving with the mouse, control and space pressed all worked together. The limit of the total radiant size is still limited to the size masked off though and there an invisible barrier that just cancels the gradient completely.