How Do I Make An Animation with png

I created an animation and I exported it as a gif file, which lost details since it’s a gif.
I heard people writing about exporting an animation (without it loosing details) as a sequence of png.
Can someone tell me what exactly i need to do in order to export the animation as a sequence of png?

You should be able to put in your filename with a number in it and the PNG extension (e.g. “myAnimation_1.png”), and Aseprite should prompt you to save each frame as an image.


Thank You So Much!

One thing, i can’t write it like this “My animation 1” right? I must use something to fill the gaps like “_” or simply write the file name without putting space between the words right?

You should be able to use a space. I just generally avoid spaces in file names because I’m old enough to remember a time when that wasn’t allowed at the OS level.


Last thing :joy: (sorry if i’m asking lots of things these days)

When i make a sequence of png into the actual animation what type of file should i use?
And if you do these things what tool you use to convert the png in an animation?

Therein lies the challenge. There is no widely supported animation format that supports alpha channels. As mentioned in the other thread, APNG and WebP are the two most popular formats that do, and most recent web browsers support both of these, but not many image editors do, so you may need to look around. There are some online tools that’ll compile PNGs into either format, I think.

If your goal is to eventually get this animation into a video or a game though, you’re better off using the source PNGs directly.

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Thank You!