How do I make the "open files xy1.png, xy2.png as animation?" funktion undone?

I am new to this program and didnt know all funktions of it yet. And as I wanted to open my grafic sprite a message poped up with “open the file block-9.png, block-10.png,… as an animation?” and I inadvertently pressed on yes and now everytime i open it the blockgraffic opens with a view other blockgraffics in the same folder as an animation. And i dont know how i can change that back to normal so plz help me with that.

Go to Edit > Preferences > Alerts.

The first option is “Open a sequence of static files as an animation”. It has 3 options:

  • It must have been set to Yes since it’s always opening your frames as a sequence.
  • Ask is the default. Set it to this one so it asks how you want to proceed (it’s pretty useful for previewing animations so don’t discard it entirely even though you seem to be working on tiles)
  • No if you never want to open them as a sequence.

OH NICE! Thank u so much! :heart: