How do I preview Aseprite files and files turned Aseprite, without opening the Aseprite app?

I turned a bunch of pngs into Aseprite files, can’t see what they look like without opening them with Aseprite

How do I “see them” without using Aseprite?

you pretty much shot yourself on the foot, gotta either export, or change the extension back to png.

I’ll keep that in mind, unfortunately lots of these pics are ones I find too embarrassing for others to see, so I guess I’ll keep them Aseprite only

Also, merry christmas and I am surprised that Aseprite got an update

you know you can for example change the preview mode in the folder so it isnt in thumbnail mode right?

Really? Never knew how to do that

Sadly, even though it’s the digital age, there’s a LOT of computer stuff I never learned at school, college or daily life…sadly that goes for a LOT of things and I have a LOT of online courses I’ve yet to touch due to fear and laziness combined

what os you using?

sonoma 14.2

i’ve never heard about it, good luck

It’s macOS