How do I update a compiled Aseprite on MacOS Catalina

Do I have to recompile it or sumthing? When I run the update command it says everything is up to date.

If you compiled it then you have to recompile, yes.

It says its up to date even though when I open the terminal app, it says that it has an update available…

Do I still recompile? (also just making sure to recompile, I just have to do ninja aseprite)

You need to update your cloned aseprite repository with the command in the install instructions (aseprite/ at master · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub) before you compile, and you probably need to do the cmake part again for Aseprite.

Don’t forget to clear out your bin folders as well

I am running the update command and it says everything is up to date :confused:

EDIT: Do you know if they updated the github? It says the last edit was 20 days ago, but the 1.2.18 announcement was 17 days ago.

EDIT 2: IDK what happened but now it says Aseprite is up to date…