How do you go to next key frame instead of next linked frame with keyboard shortcut?

I find I need to jump to the next keyframe very often, instead of the next linked frame which I don’t want to change on that. I use SPACE key to go to the next frame, but it’s annoying to only get the next linked frame which I do not intend to change.

i hope i’m not wrong, but there’s no such function.
i looked into api thinking it could be added by script, but i don’t see any indication of specific cel being linked or not.

Based on my recent experience, that seems to be exactly the case. Linked cels have no “this is a linked cel” sort of associated metadata apparently.

I wrote this function for my own script (one part of which is to force relink cels after an import/tab merge) in case someone wants a starting place to write their own script.

--receives 2 cel objects, A and B, returns true if they look and have been set identically. advancedMatch is a boolean
function areCelsEqual(celA, celB, advancedMatch)
	local celEquality = false
	--do an "appeareance" check, i.e., same image, opacity setting, bounds
	if (celA.image:isEqual(celB.image) == true and
		celA.position == celB.position and
		celA.opacity == celB.opacity and
		celA.bounds == celB.bounds
		celEquality = true
	if(advancedMatch == true) then
		--check other extra data like cel's UI color and metadata
		if (celA.color ~= celB.color or ~= then
			celEquality = false
	return celEquality
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