How do you like it?


awesome. i have nothing to critique here, its good as is.

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I love the palette choice and generally like the scene. It looks pretty. I think the composition might be unbalanced, with the right side keeping my eye and distracting from certain elements due to the largest building, the ducks, and the shape of the mountain being towards the right. If you were to draw a line connecting the tops of the mountain and the ducks, it would be quite vertical.

Since the light is coming from the upper left then I think the water reflections and flower shadows too should be angled in that direction as well. So I skewed some elements using the transform tool.

Since there are some nice saturated blues in the sky, a little more of that saturation should make its way into the water in my opinion (even if just a bit.) Lastly, I thought the clouds could frame the mountain better so here is a mockup I made of what that could look like. (keep in mind I had a blurry image to work with so the pixel ratio is wonky)

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