How does this compare to Paint.NET?

I aim to do pixel art myself as that is the art style I am decent at and aim to work on a pixel art webcomic or webtoon.

I tried Aseprite once before and I considered buying it but what advantages does it has compared to Paint.NET as this program is pretty well for pixel art itself, it helps that there are plug-ins which add to it’s functionality.

I did notice Aseprite has animation support out-of-the-box which I like.

I also made pixel art sprites and graphics before for my Doom mods which yes does make use of animations (Done with Paint.NET)

Below are some prototype sprites I made for a webtoon I aim to make.


Edit: Oh and I draw on desktop on my PC with mouse and keyboard not on a tablet or Wacom.

I’m a big user of both Paint .NET and Aseprite. I used to draw pixel art on Paint .NET a few years ago, before I switched to Aseprite.

The thing that made me switch are mainly the animations features of Aseprite. I can’t overstate how useful it is, coming from animating with layers on Paint .NET. So if you intend to animate, it’s really a no-brainer to switch.
Other than that, Aseprite also has a lot of tools dedicated to spriting itself, like a shading brush and palette, that I don’t personnaly use a lot, but can still be quite useful especially for your style that aims to be “realist”. The option I enjoy the most are the symetry and tiling options.

I come back to Paint .NET when I need to do some generic picture editing on non-pixel art such as cropping and outlining.

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Well, I am not aiming for complete realism but that’s good to know, thank you for your answer.