How should I properly do "duration/milliseconds" for attack animations?

I’m still not good with making sprites, but I got the idea to try tracing the Sekiro Ashina Arts scrolls because in-hindsight, it looks like basic stick figure animation

Just to try and see if I could imitate it in the future or learn from it



Thing is, I think it looks unnaturally fast or unnaturally slow

Particularly the Ichimonji Double

I’m new to pixel art and animation in general, hope i can help you!

I think it’s not about the duration of each frame in this case, instead how many frames are in the sprite itself.

Let’s say this sprite has 4 frame, if every frame is too fast, the animation willl become too fast, same for when you slow it down (hence you will lose details).
The only thing that comes to my mind is to add more frames to make it feel more fluid.

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