How to add themes to v.1.2.8?

When I try to add an extension via Extension > Add Extension, an error occurs whenever I open either the .zip or unzipped version of the themes.

Error parsing JSON file: unexpected end of input

I put the folder/s in Aesprite/extensions. They don’t show up under the Themes tab of the settings.

Hi @Garrett_Drake, do you have a link to the theme you want to install? I can give a look.

Here you go @dacap GitHub - tungkradle/aseprite-than: A Dark Theme for Aseprite

Did you download the than-v1.2.4 package? what version of Aseprite are you running and in what Operating System?

Yup, I have the than-v1.2.4 pack, and I’m running Aseprite v1.2.8-x64.