How to add your custom pallette to "Presets"?

How to add your custom pallette to “Presets”? Could anyone possibly help to find it out, please?
The search doesn’t shaw any result.

For me I think it was automatically added to the list when loading it. Maybe I had to save it from Aseprite first. I did that, but don’t remember if it was there before. Also I put the palette in the default palette folder, which on Mac is in the app content (right click + "show package content) > Contents > Resources > data > palettes. On Windows it’s probably in Program files > Aseprite > …

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

As @maanemann said, one possibility is to put the palette (.gpl file) in the data/palettes folder of Aseprite itself.

An easier way could be to put the .gpl file inside the palettes folder of your user configuration folder. You can locate your configuration folder going to Edit > Preferences > General > Locate Configuration File, right there is a palettes folder and you can copy your .gpl file inside that folder:


Restarting Aseprite will make your palette visible in the presets.

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My palettes are .aseprite format, that works as well