How to aseprite CLI to export images as spritesheet with rows?

How can I use aseprite’s --sheet-type and --sheet-rows to export rows of images as a sprite sheet, I’ve tried putting in the arguments in different orders but I’ve only managed to it to export as a horizontal strip. In the cli documentation I can’t find examples of how --sheet-type, --sheet-rows or --sheet-columns are supposed to be used.

Here are some examples of things I have tried that have given me a one-line result:
aseprite -b --sheet-type rows --sheet-rows 16 (list of images names) --sheet SPRITESHEET.png
aseprite -b --sheet SPRITESHEET.png (list of images names) --sheet-type rows --sheet-rows 16

edit: i just realized after reading the --help section of aseprite cli, that you’re supposed to use --sheet-columns not --sheet-rows when using --sheet-type rows. which i didn’t see mentioned on the sites documentation.