How to create a stroke

Is there a tool to create a stroke? Thanks

Hi @ABlueWhale, what do you exactly mean with “a stroke”? :thinking: Do you mean something like a bezier curve? You can use the Curve tool to do that (Shift+L key):

If you want kind of a round-about-way, you can duplicate a layer four times (make sure it is the color of the stroke you want) and move each layer 1 px up, down, left, and right, then flatten. Not a single-button-fix, but handy.


Personally, I use Edit > FX > Convolution Matrix > outline-transparent-layer-(cross) to make a simple, 1px thick border, although (as far as I know) it only affects one layer and one frame at a time. Still, it’s much faster than doing it by hand!

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Now I got it :smile: Yes, both methods (@EML’s and @SheepShape’s) are correct. There is a third way to create a stroke/outline for your sprite:

  1. You can also select the whole sprite area (e.g. with Select > Color Range option) or the magic wand tool (W key),
  2. Then use Select > Modify > Expand with 1px
  3. Then Select > Modify > Border to select the 1px stroke area
  4. Finally paint the stroke using the Paint Bucket (G key) with Tolerance = 255 and Contiguous option unchecked)