How to cut a spritesheet with different sizes to separated PNG's

I want to cut a PNG sprite sheet with different game assets in it, with different sizes, and then save every component has a separated image, how can I do it?


The simplest way to do as you’re imagining, as far as I can tell, is to use the Slice feature, which means you’ll need to use some command-line arguments running Aseprite from a console, as there’s not yet any GUI for exporting slices. But it should do what you want, I think?

Read up on both of these for a better rundown of how it works. Hopefully that should help.

Aseprite - Docs - Slices

Aseprite - Docs - Cli

Otherwise, since all your pieces are different shapes, you’ll either have to tediously copy each piece into its own new canvas, or arrange them on a single sheet so they all fill up the same units in your grid (like each fits in a 2x2 square or something), and then use normal Export Sprite Sheet options to handle it from there. It’ll make you a sprite sheet, and then you can import the sprite sheet as an animation, and then save that animation with the .png extension instead of .gif, and it’ll save all the frames (the individual pieces you organized earlier) as their own files. From there you might be able to find or write a simple script that can then trim all the whitespace on all those exported tiles, or just do it yourself manually which would take more time.

But hopefully you won’t have to do all that and Slices will be enough to solve your problem. :slight_smile:


Thanks, it worked perfectly! It became much more faster. I need the PNG images alone to use in GODOT, because some itens I need to apply Y sort and want to have then separated to add scripts and other things.