How to draw non-pixel art?

Hello all,

Is there a way to make non-pixel art in Aseprite? I know you can just draw on a super big canvas, but is there a way to actually get anti-aliasing to work in Aseprite to make the brush strokes smoother? There is a plugin available that kind of does this (, but I’d like to have something that works globally instead of having to re-apply the effect on each color, as well as functionality to actually customize the intensity of the anti-aliasing.

The reason I can’t just use a normal digital painting software like Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint is because Aseprite specifically has a lot of neat functionality in Unity that I’d like to keep. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Could I manually make an anti-aliased brush? I’d need to make one for each brush size, right? Sorry, I’m a little new to the technical side of anti-aliasing and how it works in Aseprite.

to my knowladge theres no way to make aseprite pencil do anti aliasing, and aseprite RELLY isnt optimized to big canvases, but i guess making a antialiased brush could work, thought i would like to know what so great about aseprite to unity integration.

The neat thing about Aseprite and Unity is that if you save a .ase file inside of your Assets folder in your Unity project, any changes you make back in Aseprite will instantly transfer to Unity as soon as you save the file. This makes tweaking and adjusting animations for cutscenes VERY easy since you can just iterate back and forth. However, this feature is only available between Aseprite and Unity and sadly not more advanced programs like Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint. Normally, for hand-drawn art, you’d have to make pixel-perfect spritesheets and re-import them every single time you make a change. With this anti-aliasing brush, I could “fake” hand-drawn art and still have Unity’s powerful tools by my side to make kick-ass cutscenes.

Oh, and I’m a game developer too :slight_smile: