How to Draw While Your Animation Plays in Aseprite (Similar to GameMaker)

Hey Aseprite community! ^^/

Inspired by a question from user Gizmo199 in the Discord channel, I’ve been experimenting and found a workaround that lets you draw while your animation “is playing” in Aseprite, much like the feature in GameMaker.

Demonstration Videos:

How it works in GameMaker:

How it works in Aseprite:

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve this.


  • Aseprite software installed (Note: This process also works seamlessly with LibreSprite).
  • Autohotkey: You can download it from here . (I used v1.1, which is now deprecated, but you can have both versions installed if needed).
  • Basic knowledge of modifying shortcuts in Aseprite (or LibreSprite).


  1. Install Autohotkey:
    Download from the provided link above and install.

  2. Modify Aseprite Shortcut:
    Change the shortcut for “Go to next frame” in Aseprite to the “s” key.

  3. Download & Use the AHK Script:

  • Download the provided .ahk script.
  • It’s just plain text, so feel free to open it with any text editor like Notepad++ to inspect its content.
  • Double-click on the script to run it.
  • Enter the millisecond delay you want for each frame.
  • Now, you can open Aseprite and start drawing while the animation “plays”! :smiley:

Note: This method has a few issues. Sometimes, it might not detect when you release the mouse button. But it’s a fun workaround until we get an official feature (or script).

I’d love to hear your feeback, so please share your experiences and suggestions to refine this method further!

Happy animating! :slight_smile:

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This is really clever!

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