How to edit an element inside of background in Aseprite : Macbook

Hey Folks,

Just kind of puzzled on how to fix this issue. I was just working on my animation today and wanted to add in some Sprites into my animation. I have been using the marquee tool quite a lot to cut out sprites and move them accordingly using the (correct me I’m wrong) Aseprite animate feature in which the onion skin should show for the previous frame. I just wanted to edit the positioning of my sprite and move it via the marquee tool. I used the marquee tool and selected what I needed to move but it took the sprite and background image along with it leaving a black spot on the image where the background should have been. I have enclosed a video below on my issue for viewing purposes.

If there’s a solution to my issue, do please let me know as soon as possible if you can. It would certainly be greatly appreciated.

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Aseprite Background Issue : Moving Elements