How to enable inactive cel without copying?

Hi! I am a beginner, so sorry if the topic is obvious to anyone. I’m working on one small animation and have the next case with layer “body copy” (I copied it from the other sprite):

As you can see, on all cels the body copy layer is inactive.

Is there any way, hotkeys or something else, to make the circle black on at least one of the frames and body become visible? Thanks in advance.

Can you explain your goal more? the circle turns black when there are any pixels in the cel. Turning it black without putting any content in it isn’t really possible. It’s not really an active/inactive thing


I copied a layer from another sprite. It copied to frame 1, so I, instead of moving it to another frame, pressed the right mouse button and delete.

It turns out that I did not remove the visibility in the frame, but the layer itself?
If that’s the case, then the only way to do the operation I want is to copy that layer from another sprite again?

If it’s on the wrong frame, you can click the frame it pasted to, hover your mouse over the edge of the frame, and drag it to where you want it


I see. Thank you for such fast and detailed answer!