How to export all ".aseprite" files in a folder?

How could I export only the visible layers of all “.aseprite” files in a folder as “.png” using the same file name?

For example:
file_a_1.aseprite → file_a_1.png
file_a_2.aseprite → file_a_2.png

Hi @phartz,

If you want to take a Lua script approach, much of what you need will be in app.fs. This includes methods to list all the files in a directory and to break a file string down into its path, title and extension. After that, both Sprites and Images can be loaded from a filename. Both have save methods.

I take you to mean you want to export all layers in a sprite flattened down to one image (not each layer as a separate image). I’d expect hidden layers to be excluded from a save to png by default. If you wanted to make sure, though, there’s the FlattenLayers command, which has a visibleOnly flag.

I’m guessing there’s a CLI approach as well, but I’m not as familiar with that, so look at the linked docs if you’re interested.