How to export/render art in a bigger size?

So I have done a few pieces of art where it’s so small (duh, it’s 16x16). And my friends can’t see it. I’ve looked around how to make it bigger, and I’ve only seen tutorials for Photoshop.

I would like to have my art show bigger on aseprite. Or do I still need to change it in another art program (I don’t have the money for Photoshop)?

In the top bar Sprite>Sprite size you can “expand it”, you can try putting bigger values and then you can see it bigger (I’ll tell you a possible value but I’m not sure ;-:wink:

If you want to keep your art 16x16 and just make a bigger version to show people, you should do that via the Export feature. In File > Export..., you can select Resize above 100% and it’ll scale the image by that amount. For a 16x16 image, you should probably use 500% or more.