How To Install on Raspberry PI 4 8GB?

I bought a small RPi 4 Model B 8GB, I was planning to use it as a little pixel art, and art computer :slight_smile:
I really want aseprite on it, can anyone help me?
I tried a version of libresprite on ubuntu but was super laggy, trying to install the raspberry pi os and see if libresprite will work better.

But do you guys have any recommendations for getting the best pixel software to my small pc?

The precompiled version shipped with Ubuntu and Raspbian can be configured to make it usable:
and add the following settings to make aseprite fast:

screen_scale = 1

use_native_cursor = true
use_native_file_dialog = true
ui_scale = 2

To run the current 1.2 stable and 1.3-beta version running on Raspberry Pi I will post my progress compiling it here: Raspberry Pi version? - #4 by xranby