How to install theme on mac OSX version?

Aseprite didnt recognize the theme .xml file at all

Only “default” theme showed in preference

Asprite 1.2 , licensed

Hi @vadoo_avaloo, are you using v1.2-beta12? What theme are you trying to install? How are you trying to install it?

The way themes are installed since v1.2-beta10 is through Extensions (Edit > Preferences > Extensions > Add Extension).

im using 1.2 beta 11

this theme


i tried to import as extension ( import .zip file) . I got this error .

Error parsing JSON file : unexpected end of input

Seem like xml format not working :V ?

That theme is not prepared to be installed as an extension for the latest version. Anyway you might try to copy it in the themes folder inside your preferences folder:

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences option

  2. Click Locate Configuration File

  3. You should uncompress the theme .zip in the data/themes/minimal_dark folder:

ok thanks ill try thanks alot

Everything work well , new theme installed.
Thank you for great customer support.
Aseprite is the best ;D

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