How to Link Aseprite With

I know I am probably overlooking something simple but, I cannot find how a person goes about linking their purchase of Aseprite with I bought Aseprite through this site via PayPal and then was taken to Humble Bundle for the downloading of the app. I originally had Aseprite linked to Humble Bundle but it no longer is and now I am lost as to what comes next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and hello all… I am new to the community and never said my proper introductions. So, hi everyone, I look forward to being a longtime member of this wonderful community.

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Honestly, this feels like it should be a thing for all platforms in some form. I initially purchased on Humble, as that was what was featured on the website at the time. Had I known then what I know now, I’d have gone for It feels kind of wrong that I can’t get a key, or even just transfer my license. I’m totally fine with covering any royalty fees that the original vendor had charged, in any case. (which works out to 75¢ for me, but I know Steam’s split is worse)

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@Treadlight - I wish I had known as well as I too would have gone to to purchase the app. When I bought it here, I don’t remember there being an option to purchase through :thinking: If I recall correctly, I hit the purchase button and paid and was whisked away to for my download. As you stated, I thought it would be a simple proposition to transfer over but, alas it is not. The question is why isn’t it a simple operation to switch? :face_with_monocle: If you find a solution, please keep me in mind. I will update this topic if I find anything.