How to make a colour picker selection appear in the palette?

Hi there. New user and loving the program so far. Lots of Deluxe Paint love so I’m very at home.

However… how the heck do you use the colour picker to change a selected palette colour!? I’ve got 2 colours on my canvas which I’d like to create a gradient between. I just can’t work out how to make those colours copy over to the palette though!? This must be possible.

Could someone put me out of misery and tell me how to do it?

yeah this is pretty easy, press the I key so that the eyedropper is selected, and click on any pixel in your image, when you pick the color, you’ll notice that there is an exclamation mark in a red box next to one of your sampled colors below the color selection area. there if you put your mouse over that it’ll ask you if you want to add the selected color to your pallet, if you do it will create a new spot for the color to go. if you want to overwrite colors you have to unlock your pallet. you can do this by going into the menu boxes above the pallet, and clicking on the padlock. this will allow you to overwrite colors in your pallet. Enjoy!

Thanks for the quick reply tranceemerson.

Ah I see. What I want to do is overwrite a colour which I’ve selected in the palette. So I do as you suggest and have the palette unlocked. Yet it still just creates a new colour at the end of the palette?? It doesn’t overwrite the selected one. :frowning: Any idea why this would be happening. I’m on a mac using the latest version.

hmm… maybe I’m a tad wrong. because it seems like if the color you clicked on is already in the palette, then you’ll just have that color be selected, I was sure it would overwrite the current color, however you can click and drag on the palette swatches and select groups of colors, clicking on one will give you a yellow box around the color, if you click and drag the yellow border you can move the new color to a different spot on the palette, that will allow you to make your gradient. and of course, I feel like if I’m not answering posts, then I won’t have any of my posts answered, so it’s not a problem sir. have a good day!


Aha, I see! Thank you for that. I would never have worked that out had you not told me.