How to make a Glow effect?

Hi Aseprite Users! :blush:

I know my topic is similar to an other one, but no one really answered the request. So I am wondering if you guys could help me.

I’m trying to make a glow effect on a bonfire, but so far all I’ve made is this:

I used the blur effect 17x17 twice plus blur effect top 3x17 once.

This is great, but I wanted to do a glow more like this one:

Thank you for you answers, I just a beginner so I’m sorry if the soluce is obvious! :smiley:

the example is here: uuuuuuuuuuu

(I’m only allowed to put one pic/post)

Sometime ago I’ve made a video about glow effects:

I hope it helps!

P.S. Note that this might create several new colors (colors that are not in the palette) so exporting to GIF might be a problem if you use this kind of effects.