How to make Buttons?

Hello can someone give me some tips on how to make buttons because they currently look like this:

A Butt-Lapse I Made Real Quick

When making buttons, you need to think about not just their appearance, but their re-usability. I recommend looking into learning about using 9 slice to really level up your buttons and guis in future!

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Ok, thank you very much!

But i have another question:
I do this for a littel space shooter and now i ask you what color palette should I use for the Button in this dark space game

Here is my currenty desing so what can i do better and what colors should i use or are the colors ok:

hi! first thing i would recommend is to keep consistent pixel size. some people don’t care about that, but i believe the resolution should remain the same across all assets. if you want something to be bigger, make it as bigger sprite, don’t scale it up.

also, you don’t have to make the start button so huge. i mean, unless your target audience are elderly and people with poor eyesight.
and because the planet is in the center you might as well align everything to the horizontal center. it’s not necessary, but it is a safe bet.

regarding the colours, you have vast range of options, current green is rather poisonous. if it’s part of the colour scheme in the game, then fine, but the background suggests the game is going to be in much more muted colours, so i think your menu should be closer to that as well.

the title screen is often the first thing players will see from your game, so put more effort into the logo and gui design. it will make a difference.
google “pixel art sci-fi title screen” and “sci-fi gui” etc. to get inspiration and make something epic.

few examples:

if you don’t feel like designing your own font, there’s plenty of cool fonts on in sci-fi section or check bitfontmaker: BitFontMaker2 - Pixel Font Gallery

here’s something i put together in few minutes. it is far from perfect!
anyway, focus on the design and animations first. changing colours is the easiest part:


Bruh, this is more then i could do in 1 hour