How to mark a bug as fixed/closed?

About bugs here in the forum, I still not sure how to mark they as fixed (I used to close a topic, but I’m not sure if that is the best we can do). Maybe using tags? (Or a “Solution” like in #help category)

i think put [SOLVED] or [FIXED] in topic title and mark the solution in thread and keep it open?
it will make the fact the issue has been fixed visible and at the same time it will allow for someone to ask additional questions or post in the same thread in case the problem reappears.


I think it should be [FIXED] for issues that are fixed by changes to Aseprite, and [SOLVED] for things that didn’t require changes (e.g. misunderstandings, effective workarounds).


GitHub - discourse/discourse-solved: Allow accepted answers on topics is a official plugin from discourse offering this functionality.