How to open the Command Line?

Hi everyone, a simple one here, how do you open the command line specific to Aseprite ?

It is run via the command prompt (on windows at least I’m not sure how other OS works)

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Oy thx for the fast reply,
thing is I’m not familiar with command line, I should have write it like this, my question is more about : “what to write in the basic command line ?”

For exemple : aseprite.exe -b sprite.aseprite --save-as sprite-{tag}.gif
Command line used for exporting tags in gif.

How should I enter it in the CLI ? Is there a first step ?
Your link is great but for a newb like me there’s a step missing ahah

To open command line in Windows click Start → Run → type ‘cmd’ and press Enter (right click Start button in Windows 8). Or use file manager like Far Manager or Total Commander. Or write .bat/.cmd files with any plain text editor like Notepad and then run them. In all those cases you have command line available (in batch files even several commands one by one) and can execute CLI commands. But always consider what is current directory of command line execution as it is key element of running any programs from it. Read manuals.

So far so good, thx for the answer
I know how to open CLI, but when I have Aseprite open and try to enter a command, it doesn’t recognise anything.
I guess the point is “consider what is current directory of command line execution”, I’m not in IT I don’t understand what does it mean in this situation, I mean what is the first step after opening the CLI and before entering a command when Aseprite is open. Read between lines.

You don’t need to open Aseprite. You should run it from command line. This way Aseprite will do what you ask it to do without opening any windows. This is how Command Line tools work.

Please, read manuals in Internet about Command Line. You should write full path to aseprite.exe in command line and provide extra parameters. This way it will start in CLI mode, do what you ask it to do and then exit.

Above all, trully thx for your patience BraidAcer, I know manuals are important to read before asking any questions on internet.
While posting my question and you answered I tried to execute :

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Aseprite>aseprite.exe -b Pelago1.aseprite--save-as sprite-{tag}.gif

({tag} being my only tag on my last file)
But it doesn’t find the file before --save-as
What’s missing ?

Did you run this command from directory where Pelago1.aseprite file is located?

Oh, I see you run it from directory of aseprite.exe. Well, how do you suppose for it to find your file? Your should either provide full path like C:\MySprites\Pelago1.aseprite or run it from like C:\MySprites\ with command like “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\Aseprite\aseprite.exe” -b Pelago1.aseprite --save-as sprite-{tag}.gif

Also I see you didn’t make space between Pelago1.aseprite and --save-as. Space here is essential for it to distinguish between filename and next command, because ‘-’ symbol is valid for filenames too.

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I finally got through it, thx a lot !

Reading the doc about --save-as “Saves the latest opened document with the given file name.” I though “latest opened” meant I didn’t have to write the path to the file.

For the space before --save-as I did with and without thx you to mention it anyway. And also I c/p your “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\Aseprite\aseprite.exe” but “\common” was missing ahah I was confuse but thanks to your help I will now be able to use the CLI !

Have a nice day !

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