How To Post Artwork with Layers?

Hi guys,

I just got into making pixel art very recently. I just finished my first artwork with many layers, and I wanted to post on the community to ask for advices and constructive criticisms. But then I realized the community page doesn’t support format with layers. What should I do? Which format should I switch my work to?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

post a png my guy, no one is gonna analise layer by layer artwork, also use the export feature if its small and needs rescalation.


thank you for your reply.

I did try to convert my work into png, but aseprite said png doesn’t support layers either. I don’t know what to do next.

Layers are mostly for the artist to keep elements of the piece separated and organized.

For sharing artwork, an exported PNG is just fine. You’ll keep the layer data in your .aseprite file. You don’t need to share individual layers, unless you’re trying to show us something specific about how you’re using layers. In that case you could export each layer as a separate PNG.