How to preserve Export Sprite Sheet options

Hi! I’m an old user of Aseprite. Currently I’m using it plenty because I’m drawing sprites for a fighting game, and that is a huge quantity of frames of animation.

The problem is I want to export regularly a sprite sheet. I select my options (rows, eight columns, split tags and the output file place and name). Then, if I want to repeat that export with “Repeat Last Export” it works nice but, if I use “Save As …” and change the current file name with a different name for incremental backup purposes, then these export sprite sheet parameters get lost and I need to set it up again and again.

Is there some way to establish the default export sprite sheet parameters? Or at least, some way to preserve them every time I use “Save as …” for change the current file name (for example, “fighter v.015.ase” for “fighter v.016.ase”).

It seems little issue but is very time consumpting for me. Thanks in advance.

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It is indeed very annoying and it would be great if it saved those settings.

Also applies to the Import Sprite Sheet window which gets reset every time or way too often for my taste.

I don’t think it’s possible at the moment unfortunately. One could create a script for this purpose, reproducing the Export Sprite Sheet dialog options to pass those parameters to the command that does the export, but the UI would not look nearly as neat as the built-in one.