How to save animation frames separately in aseprite

Translated from ru by Google:

Hello everyone, a few years ago I was doing animation in aseprite and saving the frames separately in aseprite, that is, each frame was saved separately. Now I’ve forgotten how to do it. who knows please tell me

Всем привет, несколько лет назад я делал анимацию в aseprite и сохранял кадры отдельно в aseprite, то есть каждый кадр сохранялся отдельно. Теперь я забыл, как это сделать. кто знает, пожалуйста, скажите мне

Hi @Derack_Akobian, you can save each frame as a seperate file if you use the File > Export > Export As… menu option and specify frame001.png as file name.

The same happens if you use File > Save options (and then File > Open to load the first frame the animation will be loaded), but probably you want to keep your original files in .aseprite format and export the frames separately.