How to save as 24bit bmp?

Im very new to Aseprite so Im not too sure how to do this.

I need my animation to be individual bmp files but they must be 24bit. When i export they are 32bit. Google says the difference between 24bit and 32bit is the alpha value but I dont have transparency in my animation.

Photoshop allows you to select the bit of your bmp when exporting, but I see Aseprite does not.

How can I make my bmps export in 24bit?

Thank you

Hi @evilguy422,

Open the sprite in Aseprite and try converting a layer to a background layer. You can find the conversion under Layer in the top menu bar or by right clicking on a layer’s name in the timeline to open a context menu. When a layer is a background layer, it’s name will be underlined in the timeline. The layer’s name will be changed to “Background.” This is assuming the bmp is in RGB color mode.

I found this info by skimming a past Github issue.

If adding a background doesn’t work, it might help to say what version of Aseprite you’re using (1.2.40, 1.3, whatever).


This worked! Thanks so much