How to scroll through images in a folder?

Long story short, I’m trying to make a Minecraft texture pack. Is there a way to switch through images in a folder so I don’t have to pick the files one by one?

No, I don’t think so. You could open all the images you want to open at once though. At least if you use the “native file dialog” option, you can select and open multiple files at once in the file browser dialog, and you can flip through open documents in Aseprite by scrolling the mouse wheel over the document tab bar.

I did do that, however it’s very tedious to ctrl + click everything one by one when there are over 500 or so images.

You can hold shift and use the arrow keys to select everything, or click+drag to select a bunch of stuff at once, or hit Ctrl+A to select everything at once and then ctrl+click to de-select the files you don’t want. You can also filter by file type if there are other file types in the directory getting in the way.

(At least on Windows - I don’t know what OS you’re using and what the capabilities of the file selector are in it.)

This sounds like something that scripting may be able to solve, presuming Aseprite’s scripting API provides sufficient access to the filesystem. Get list of files in cwd, open next/prev filename relative to currentSprite’s filename with a hot key.

But I think the real solution is to pack it all into a tile sheet. That way you can easily edit any tile without having to switch files at all. You can automate conversion back-and-forth between single sheet and individual files.

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