How to select from more layers?


is there a way to select objects from more than one layer e.g. for moving?

With the marquee tool I can only select pixels from one layer, here the “Card” layer. I would like also select from the “Text” and “Heart” layers.



Hi @Mike, actually this is not possible yet :disappointed_relieved: There are some issues related (#1172, #1238, #1364). The only way is to move several layers at the same time with the Move tool. This is possible:

  1. selecting a part of the canvas
  2. select all the frames (click first frame and drag the cursor to the last frame, without pressing shift, or other key)
  3. transform the selection


From: Add option to transform/scale/rotate several cels at the same time · Issue #1172 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub

Hi David,

OK, great. I didn’t know the “move severel layers” way.

Thank you