How to transfer aseprite to another computer


I have a very simple question: I am planning on getting a Windows Desktop PC, and I am currently on a Mac. I was wondering how I would transfer aseprite to it, as it’s a paid.

I didn’t use the steam installation method unfortunately and went for the straight download method. Any help would be appreciated!

download the aseprite trial and put in the key

Where do I find my key?

i think you should have received a key in email when you buyed in the, or did you buyed somewere else?

hm, I can’t seem to find that email. do you know what the name of it would be?

and yeah, I did buy it from

how did you get the product in the first place?, like how did you downloaded in the first place

from an email, I got a link to some place and downloaded it there.

then do the same? you’ll need to find the email, if you dont find it gotta ask support

Use e-mail search for keyword ‘aseprite’.

Hi @acuaro, generally you can re-download Aseprite installer/zip from the link given via email after your purchase. Anyway you can use the order resender of the website we use to sell Aseprite or you can contact us at and we can help you to find your personal download link.

Just in case the trial doesn’t work in that way, the trail doesn’t have a place to put the key. The full version is a completely different installer. There are plans to improve the purchase flow in a future.

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