How to transform all layers together

Is there anyway to transform all layers at the same time???
Layers actions on this app are driving me crazy!!!
any help is appreciated, other than the layers actions I love this app!

Yes. After making your selection, make sure all the layers you want to transform are selected (highlighted).

For example, here, “Hitbox”, “ref person”, and “solutions” will be transformed, but “moss” will not be.

You can select multiple layers by shift+clicking them (you can shift+click+drag to avoid having to click a bunch of layers individually).

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Thanks for the reply… is there a max amount of layers or something???
I select all of the layer (shift) and only 1 will have the transform bars… I also have updated …:frowning:

Make sure you commit the change. The preview will only show one layer, but when you commit the change, all the layers will be modified.

Yea it only moves 1 layer… :frowning:

…They actually made it that way? They made it so that you can only see one transform layer…helpful

Probably an oversight, or a performance consideration. I doubt this was deliberate.

I clearly remember that I used to be able to transform all selected layers at the same time and see the changes directly, but recently I found that only the last selected layer can be transformed, the other layers will be changed only after saving. If I was not back from the future then it should be a bug that appeared after a certain version. :thinking:

The preview is only for the active layer until it’s dropped (Enter key pressed or any other action is done). The preview for all selected layers wasn’t done because performance considerations but mainly because the code needs a big change. It’s planned but no work started about it.