How to use Edit > Paste Special menu options

Hi guys, I updated my aseprite but I did not understand this special folder business. What is it for and how do I use it?

:thinking: Hi Ednardo, what is exactly the “special folder”, do you have a screenshot of it?

but then there is the problem I selected I partly believe and it did not appear any option for me to use

that’s why I asked you right away how you use this option

Sorry I don’t understand, are we talking about the new Edit > Paste Special menu?

(I don’t understand the “special folder” term)

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Yes I’m talking about this and what is it? and how to use?

if the English is strange excuse is because I am Brazilian and I do not speak English yet using Google Translate

The Edit > Paste Special menu options are commands to convert the image in the clipboard into a new sprite/layer/reference layer directly. They will not be grayed only when the clipboard contains an image.


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