How to work with tiles?

I know aseprite is not yet focused on tile creation and tile map, but then how people usually work with tiles on this software? I was thinking about using the “new brush” option to store each tile but it has very limited space for that. Any tips?

Although I prefer to use Pyxel Edit for tileset work for now, this is my approach in Aseprite: I have a tile-sized grid enabled, draw the tiles on a single layer, already arranged in useful shapes (in fact, I start them as rough sketches of the various multi-tile features I need, such as blobs of grass, cliffs, slopes, etc). I copy individual tiles as needed for additional testing; with the grid enabled, one can double-click a tile with the select tool to quickly select it to move/copy as needed.

When I’m done, I use the same double-click to select to arrange the tiles into a shape more appropriate for a tileset and export (or, rather, copy+paste them onto a larger tilesheet I have for the project).

I only make tilesets in Aseprite though, and thus only need to copy/move tiles around only for testing that they work together. For making full maps with the tiles, I use Tiled or other editors, since they have more powerful tools for placing tiles than would make sense for Aseprite.

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If you wanna make tilesets on aseprite, would recommend you to watch this dude that has a lot of tips on how to create them:

You can watch his channel too, he has a lot of videos working on Aseprite :slight_smile: