HSL vs HSV color spectrum

Hi There. When I select “Color Spectrum” from the palette menu, it displays as HSL. Is there an HSV equivalent of this? I’m really not familiar with how HSL and HSV map to each other. Thanks.

hi! yes, there is. sort of…
you see, in the case of picking colours from colour spectrum it doesn’t make any difference if it’s hsv or hsl.
that’s because hsl, hsv, hsb, hsi or hs-etc are all alternative representations of rgb color space.
what is different are the values you can see in colour pop up (which has both hsv and hsl). for example: pure red colour #FF0000 would be 0, 100, 100 in hsv but 0, 100, 50 in hsl since L=100 is white.
so, the possible alternative would be color tint/shade/tone option, where the vertical axis is equivalent to v in hsv (v=100 is either white or pure hue depending on the saturation).
edit: or colour wheel, which is in hsv.

hmm, yes, I sort of get it.

It makes a difference to me whether the color spectrum is hsv or hsl because I’m very familiar with hsv numbers and not at all familiar with hsl, so when I’m moving the mouse cursor over an hsl spectrum the values for the colors are meaningless to me. Might be nice to have an option to display hsv in the status bar instead of hsl? That would be all I need really.

you mean the values in the bottom bar? i see. i’m not sure if there’s a way to force those to be shown in hsv instead.
at least you can still have color pop up in hsv. i usually have it opened all the time.

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yeah, the bottom bar.

I see what you mean. Every time I click on a color I can see it represented in HSV in the color pop-up.

It’s fine. It’s just the bottom bar already shows HSL, RGB, and hex. Might as well add HSV to make it the full set :slight_smile: (or allow me to change HSL to HSV)


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