HSLuv Color Picker

Hi folks,

I made a script to wrap HSLuv with a color picker dialog.


It has a shading mode and some color harmonies.

It also has a color wheel generator.

The wheel’s light changes with each frame. Here’s an animation to illustrate:


The shading mode is far from perfect. Here are two test images to give you some idea:

The model is from Scan The World.

Here is a link to the script’s repo:


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Hi folks,

An update: after reading Bjorn Ottosson’s article

and the looking at the accompanying online color picker, I decided that I prefer Okhsl over HSLuv for this Aseprite color picker. I ported Ottosson’s C++ to Lua under the MIT license and recreated the Aseprite dialog at a new repository:

For comparison, here is the an Okhsl wheel.


Here is a still png with a side-by-side comparison.

On a last note, while the dialog linked above does not create gradients, the underlying logic could be harnessed to do so. Apparently, Adobe Photoshop is incorporating OKLab into its gradients under the label “Perceptual Interpolation.”


via this tweet. I don’t use Photoshop myself, so I can’t confirm.

Thanks. Best,