I cannot edit a post that I wrote, is that a bug?


Recently I was going to update an old post that I wrote, but it seems I can’t do it :S

Specifically, I was going to change the topic of this post to let people know that it is already solved.

Is it a bug or is it intentional? I don’t really think that there are much (or any) benefits in preventing users from editing their old posts with new information, though ^^U

All the best! ^^

There is a limit of 60 days by default for Discourse (the forum software used here).

This limit can be removed by the admin by changing “post edit time limit” to 0 in the forum’s settings.

Here’s a link that only the admin can use to see this option: https://community.aseprite.org/admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter=post%20edit%20time%20limit

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Thanks for the info, @vegeta897! I hope the admin(s) like the idea and change this configuration to “unlimited”! :smiley:

:+1: thank you both! I’ve just updated the “post edit time limit” to 0