I can't close the color picker dialog

Hi all.

I got a new PC and I installed Aseprite.
Now when I open a file (or creating a new one), the color picker dialog stays there forever and I can’t close it.
When I press the ‘X’ to close the dialog, it just disapear and the dialog stays there.
This dialog is there from the beggning, I do nothing to open it :?

How can I close it?
Is it a bug?

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might be. or it might be issue with theme. i stopped using dark theme because i couldn’t pin files in recent file window…
does this happen when you switch to default theme? anyway, you should be able to open and hide this window with F4 key.


Thanks for the help !

Yeah, the problem is the Theme.
I’m using a theme I paid for and I like it very much, but the close buttons (X) on corners were not well placed.
I siwtched to default theme, closed the dialog, then back to dark theme and now I don’t see the color picker dialog… now the close buttons (X) are well placed, but the size if not correct.

No more issues at the moment, I hope I can still using this theme :?


glad it helped! oh, i think you can if that’s the only issue you have. also i searched a google a bit and you may try view → refresh and reload skin if it happens again. i honestly don’t know how much it will help, but i’d give it a try.

edit: i just found there’s a bug with that function: Refresh & Reload Skin (or scripts folder) hotkey while having menu item on opened causes crash · Issue #2496 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub
so maybe don’t try it :smiley:

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Well, maybe I had to do only that ‘refresh and reload skin’ instead switching themes hehehe

As you can see here, the X button’s size are not correct, but at the moment I can work with that. The whole topbar is messed up :slight_smile:

Thanks !!

yeah, this looks strange. :expressionless: check some other dark themes: GitHub - aseprite/themes: List of themes created by Aseprite users maybe some of them will work better for you.

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