I cant find aseprite on my computer

So I got Aseprite on my computer months ago, I’ve had it for a while, I Used it about 3 weeks ago and I was about to get on it today but the folder I usually use is empty and I cant find Aseprite anywhere on my computer, its not in my trash bin either, I really need help because I don’t want to rebuy Aseprite.
I and I cant send any of my artwork to the FAQ for a chance to get a free copy since I have proof I used it before because all of my artwork is also gone. this makes me really sad and I want to continue using Aseprite
Can anyone help or has anyone had this happen to them and know how to fix it?
after going to %appdata% I found a folder called aseprite, when I opened it it had a bunch of info that you get from buying aseprite without steam, but it didnt have the .exe file that launches the app itself

The AppData directory is for configuration files and such, it is NOT the install directory, aseprite.exe was NEVER in there. Those files are there when you get it via Steam too.

The install directory will depend on where/how you downloaded and installed Aseprite, look for that. It’ll be somewhere in Program Files or Program Files (x86). If you have it via Steam, try launching it from Steam (and the install directory will be Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Aseprite in this case).

Also, you may want to remove that image or block out your name from it.

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