I Can't input 'f' when renaming layer

I double-clicked layer name, and wanted to type “front arm”.
But the viewer become fullscreen when i typed “f”, and a “insert text” dialog popped when i typed “t”.
So I got a “ron arm”, and a full-screen viewer, and a “insert text” dialog…

I’m using this app on Mac OS 10.12.6.

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Oh thanks for reporting this! I’ll release a fix this week for this. In the meantime you could remove the F key as a shortcut for the Full Screen command from Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts… menu:

Edit: same with ‘t’ key to insert text :frowning:

Great, this helps.
I’m glad that you understood what i was talking about. I’m a Chinese, and not good at English language…

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Same issue here, key strokes are being lost in the text editor

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This issue is high priority, I might release a patch today for macOS.


Same issue. “Command + C” and “Command + V” and “Command + X” don’t work correctly in the textbox, too.

Yep, Command+A doesn’t work too. Already fixed for v1.2.1 which I’m compiling to release today.

There is an issue in GitHub too Can't rename layers using the letter t · Issue #1577 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub and I have made some final changes. There is still a big issue exporting gif files in the Windows x64 version so I’ll see if I can fix it before the new release.

New version 1.2.1 fixes this issue. Closing this topic.