I don't know why my eraser isn't working

im not on a background, i’m on layer 1 and i don’t know why i can’t erase, it’s really frustrating because i don’t know what to do

Select the eraser tool and then look at the context bar, which is above the canvas and below the sprite name tab and the menu bar. What do you see? If the eraser’s opacity is 0, then change it to 255.

If you see the mouse cursor is a red circle with a diagonal strike through, then look at the timeline, which shows your layers. If the padlock to the left of the layer’s name in the timeline is ‘closed’, then the layer can’t be edited until it is ‘unlocked.’

If none of that works, what color mode is your sprite? Go to the menu bar, Sprite > Color Mode.


thank you that, the obacity was 1 and i changed it to 255 and it worked

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