I forgot to save my work and clicked cancel

So, My journey begins when I saw the “Skirt” theme for pixel dailies. I made haste with my pixeling for pixel dailies, and I usually do not do this but I did not save my progress. Then, my worst enemy “Stupidity” appeared. He screwed me over by using confusion and causing me to press cancel when closing my sprite. I felt defeated… Luckily my old friend google came to my aid. He showed me the way to session files and provided some form of hope. Finally, here we are in the present.

Long story short I didn’t save my art and closed aseprite. I have the session files and I would like to retrieve the image. Is there any hope for this young adventurer?

Aseprite isn’t able to retrieve the data from session files.

I’m not sure about any other way you may be able to pull information from those kinds of files. Maybe there’s a program that can open/read/edit them in some way.

Good luck, and remember to always save after major edits.

Actually Aseprite can load and recover the data from sessions files from the Home tab using the “Recover Files” option (even when you close the program and don’t save the files):


Anyway @Retro_Maker already contact us via support@aseprite.org and we were able to recover the files.


I cannot figure out how to do it. Do I just drag and drop it in aseprite?

@Retro_Maker you click the “Recover Files” and you will see all the sessions, click one session (or double-click it) and then “Recover Sprite”:


Much appreciated dacap. This has been the most enjoyable interaction with a developer I have ever had. :blush: :heart: :heart:


Oh, wow. I tried to look through the load and import dialogs. I didn’t know about that dialog. My bad @dacap @Retro_Maker


David! This feature has saved me so many more times than any of those big box brands out there. Thank you for this intuitive and very IRL focused feature